Tuesday, October 20

'Fame', the four-letter word.

i'm sorry, but i find it extremely disheartening that the number one search on Yahoo! right now is "Balloon Boy Incident".

First of all: Why the word "incident"? Would simply typing "balloon boy" not be sufficient? i wonder why they didn't add "hoax" "not a hoax?" and "Octomom" in there for good measure. Suppose i'll have to give credit where credit is due.

Secondly: Why are all three words capitalized? Do people not understand case sensitivity, and/or the lack thereof?

And third: Ugh, just ugh. Playin' right into their hands, you are.

Monday, October 19

a green-eyed, yellow-bellied, silver-tongued dark horse.


t's been ages. What have you been up to? As for me:

~saw a black widow.
~accidentally vacuumed up a pair of underwear.
~won an orchid (Cattleya) at an orchid fair.
~finally procured a jar of artichoke hearts (note: waited waaaaay too long to discover this).
~bit my nails back down to stumps.
~found out what blue Curaçao tastes like. verdict? not so great.


~currently experiencing some sort of (pre-?)midlife crisis.

That last one is probably due to the fact that i will soon be entering into my third decade of life on this zany, spinning marble and haven't got anything of substance to show for it. Nor, for that matter, a whole lot of prospects on the horizon. But i think it's because i have been way too busy hiding under a rock to see anything. Hope this can be helped.

In other news: don't you just love bright green trees against a gunmetal sky?

And don't you just hate putting pillowcases on pillows? Yeah. Me too.

Thursday, October 1