Tuesday, July 10

Beautiful friend, the end

Maybe it's that we broke up at the House of Blues. Maybe it's that St. Vincent sang the line "i don't wanna be a cheerleader no more..." that night. Maybe it's that none of our orchids bloomed this year, for the first time ever. (well, one did, but upon closer inspection the spike was infested with aphids and didn't stand a chance.) Maybe it's that everything we owned was covered in dust. Maybe it's that i never could finish the puzzle you got me for Valentine's Day (Klimt's "The Kiss"); it became too difficult, at the end, to figure out where the last of the pieces fit together. i tried and tried, and failed consistently. In the end, one of the puzzle's corners fell off the coffee table and i haven't been able to bring myself to pick up the pieces and just put the whole thing back in the box.
Should i finish it? Time will tell.