Monday, August 24

Panda-Cam. Sigh.

it seems i just can't stop telling everyone about this.

There is a new baby (almost one month old!) giant panda at the San Diego Zoo. They have a camera installed for your viewing pleasure. Watch as giant man-maiming panda paws gently pick up and cradle the tiny one. i honestly can't tear my eyes away... this could be bad, folks.

It's hot here these days. August is almost away. That means three years here. Three years of... not much, to be honest. Strange, how time gets away from us.

I've decided that nostalgia is for the lazy and uninspired. Time to move along.


In other news: i may have found the "midget homes" of San Diego, which aren't as exciting as they seemed. And there is a ruined mansion in the hills of Los Angeles that we need to get to ASAP. Here are what some movies would have looked like if they had been mass-market pulp paperback books. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 19


...i went to Disneyland.

It was fun.

Very fun.

i purchased two Ewoks there. They are my my new good buddies.

Been a long time since i checked in over here. Trying to get a job, trying to quit smoking, trying to get up the nerve to use my dad's awesome (heavy!) camera that he gave to me FOR CHRISTMAS. You know, months ago? Trying to keep my penny collection from overflowing the cup i was holding them in; failing. Reading lots of good books. Renting lots of movies. Trying to make the most out of this summer because i know that Nat will be scarce when it is over.
Cleaned the heck out of the apartment today: tossed and mauled half a lemon down the garbage disposal, bleached the kitchen garbage can, vacuumed, bagged up the recycling, and so on and so forth. Brought home a single, lovely red rose in a moment of pure cheesiness. Not sure where i am in my thought patterns these days. "Scatterbrained", i think they call it...

Hoping to post some book covers soon (i know you've all been waiting feverishly!)... and, strangely, compose a list of things to do before i, you know, die. In fact, i can't believe i haven't done it already. But it's time. They are stacking up, by gum. Time to take stock and catch 'em before they all slip away.

And how are all of you? Good? fine. carry on then.