Thursday, July 28

Simple Men.

If i could give one movie director a great big hug, it would be Hal Hartley. (Trust is one of my all-time favorite movies.) Seriously, the man never lets me down. Am currently watching Simple Men and being reminded of what a genius he is:

"But that’s what life’s about.
The adventure, the not knowing.

- No, it isn’t.

I want adventure.
I want romance.

- Ned, there’s no such thing
as adventure. There’s no such thing as romance.
There’s only trouble and desire.

Trouble and desire?

- That’s right, and the funny thing is
when you desire something
you immediately get in trouble,
and when you’re in trouble
you don’t desire anything at all.

I see.

- It’s impossible.

It’s ironic.

- It’s a fucking tragedy, is what it is."

Y'all have 2 days left to watch the thing on Watch Instant before it goes away who knows where for who knows how long, where you may never get to see it! And that, my friends, is the real fucking tragedy... watch it. Watch it now, and watch it good. Learn about subtle metaphors for the fragility of life, relationships and love (trees, fire, stolen motorcycles, not necessarily in that order). Marvel as a nun tackles a policeman, but not in a slapstick way. Listen to Sonic Youth while the cast does an impromptu dance number.

Yes, it's a bit stilted, and theatrical– but that's just his way. Get over it. And watch.

As a bonus, here is my favorite Thomas Newman track from Desperately Seeking Susan, which would fit right in almost any Hal Hartley scene:

Happy summer.