Monday, September 28

Don't call it a comeback.


earest Darlings,

(That lovely letter D was acquired here.)

Fall seems to have quietly arrived, an event which never ceases to put a(n inner) smile on my (inner) face. The light grows... bluer, somehow, and coldly. i feel more alive, and more comfortable. Surely someone somewhere has researched this phenomenon? i can't possibly be the only one who feels this way. Everyone has their "it" season, and for me it's autumn all the way: crisp and haunting, dusky white-gold and burnt. It fairly crackles.

Anywho, how've you all been? i love that my last post makes it look like i discovered the Panda Cam and dropped off the face of the earth to forever watch. That's only halfway true. But i would definitely say that i've been in a slumber of sorts, waiting to be re-awakened. i truly hope that this is that awakening...

We spent the end of summer traveling to the land of bear- and huckleberry-covered mountains, learning about Liberace at his museum in Vegas (who knew he was such an excellent pianist?!), reading lots of wonderful books (The Road being one of them), and renting scads of movies (finally saw Paper Moon and loved it).

Hope your worlds are fine, fine, fine. Looking forward to having things to write about.
::fingers crossed for interestingness in daily life::

Until then, here is this. Toodle-oo!