Monday, October 24


Went last night to the final viewing of the Art of Photography show in downtown SD. It was at that mega-shopping paradise, Horton Plaza; i was one of literally three people who made their way downstairs to the Lyceum Theatre to check out the photos. It was pretty rad. Here are my favorites.

"Back to nature 1" - Patricia Van De Camp
(Superb colors in this one. The actual print looked a bit darker. Gorgeous!)

"Arcimboldo W6I0970" - Klaus Enrique
(um, YES. This one was gigantic, and incredibly shot. Also, what an effing brilliant idea.)

"Long Winding Road" - Dejon Walker
(stared at this one for a long time. it was huge and beautiful.)

"Dad's Things Aren't Dad" - Russ Rowland
(since i'm obsessed with collections, and items as evidence of our 'self'.)

"Dissolve" - Alison Turner
(one of the first ones i saw that stopped me in my tracks. Weird, but excellent.)

"Covered in White Powder" - Larry Louie
(so, this is a balloon factory. gave me the shivers. i sell those fucking things every day.)

"Three in the Lake" - Carl Tremblay

"Litter" - Linda Kuo
(this was way better in person. water glistened on every surface. although i still can't figure out what that white thing is.)

"Louise" - Tom M. Johnson
(Louise = obviously amazing.)

"Girl, Ballinasloe Horse fair, Ireland" - Kenneth O Halloran
[this one got 'Honorable Mention']

(another large, stunning portrait. i was transfixed by those freckles.)

"B 1004 (Window)" - Noritaka Minami
(is it weird that i want to sleep in here? this was related to this other photo.)

"Hot Rod Dream Girl Priscilla" - Jennifer Greenburg
(check out her shift knob! Also, the light was fantastic in this one.)

"Day 47" - Jennifer Wilkey
[also received 'Honorable Mention']


"Place 1861" - Jose A. Gallego
(this was possibly my favorite. can't really explain why. i just wanted to be there, badly.)

"Feet Over Coconut Shell" - Andre Cypriano
(visceral. i want to do this!)

"Red China" - Li Jiangsong
(slightly ominous, obviously accidental.)

"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" - Brian Almaraz
(surreal! kind of reminded me of a scene from a Gabriel Garcia Marquez story.)


These 2 were the first-place winners:

"Flesh Love Chihiro & Takeshi" & "Flesh Love Michico & Yuhei" - Photographer Hal

...and this one was also pretty great:

"An Ordinary Day" - Bev Short

Well, that's all folks. Off to make shrunken apple heads.

Saturday, October 22


Okay. i went a little crazy last night looking at pumpkin decorating ideas. Here is a (long) roundup of my faves. Hope you didn't have any other plans in the next few hours.