Wednesday, May 25

"...because if this pebble has no purpose, then everything is pointless. Even the stars."

Instead of crafting some ambitious Summer Reading Plan, i've decided i want to catch up on all the classic movies i've never seen.

So, after watching Nights of Cabiria a few weeks ago, i fell in love with Giulietta Masina. Netflix suggested (Fellini's) La Strada; i took their suggestion, and got to watch her again, only now this journey led me to Anthony Quinn! Hated him the whole movie, until i realized at the end how great it all really was. Looked back on some of his older stuff and realized that i have a big ol' crush on him. Found this clip (from 1941's Blood and Sand) on YouTube*:

(*please note that this clip was found quite at random and i posted it because: the guitar solo at the beginning? fabulous; her hooded, flimsy, sparkling, noirish shawl? spectacular; and Anthony Quinn? young and smokin'.)

...and then realized how amazing Rita Hayworth was! Have not seen her in a film even once. Jeez, suddenly i am into the golden era of film. Left field, but i am happy to be there. Saw The Seven Year Itch at an open-air cinema last week and could not believe just how hammy and slapstick and goofy it was... Still, enjoyable nonetheless. Looking forward to The Man Who Knew Too Much and The Woman in the Window. Bring on the oldies and goodies, i say.