Saturday, December 3

oh my darlin'.

Apparently i only feel the need to post things when i'm having an o f f day.
Here are some things i found on the magical screen:

(this guy takes old bike/car parts and makes lifelike animals out of 'em.)

(this person makes tiny dioramas! awesome, tiny dioramas!! iii smell a craaft night!)

(a head, formed from a carefully-cut out street map. i like maps... and heads.)

(pretty seriously fantastic illuminated wire sculptures from some dude. they are around.)

Meanwhile, i sit here eating chocolate-chip cookies (the recipe claimed them as "the best ever", which they absolutely are not), paying bills, watching The Incredible Shrinking Man (gets surprisingly preachy at the end!), and above all, not cracking open my catalog of Spring 2012 community college classes. i also need to:

–touch up my bike (red nail polish is standing by)
–figure out which two hideous christmas sweaters nat and i will wear for our first annual Bad Holiday Photo
–stop biting my fingernails
–take the trash out,
–work on some photos.

On this last note i should mention that i'm sick and tired of being a perfectionist. It gets in the way of a person's ability to get a damn thing done... i would just like to edit and post some of these f*cking photos, okay, self? No need for them to be artifact-free; other people have easy-breeziness, where can i get some? Is it in potion form? Are they sprinkling it on their breakfast cereal? Is it in the genes? Hm.

Anyway, back to:
–scrubbing the toilet
–eating another clementine
–biting my nails
–anything else i can do to avoid everything else i have to do.

the girl who likes stormy cloud photos. big ones.