Wednesday, August 17

Waiting for fall to hit.

Seriously, why so many September birthdays? It's almost as bad as June.

In other news: i have a bruised left pinky because of a stupid f*cking barbell. Children are dying left and right in Somalia, and there is little we can do to stop it. Tonight i will attempt to eat salad instead of leftover pizza or boxed mac-n-cheese. There has been a gaping hole in our bathroom ceiling for almost half a year due to a neverending of phone-tag/rescheduling game with the handyman. i am quitting smoking, for the umpteenth time. Nat has a bleached-blonde mohawk. My family is all kinds of discombobulated right now and i am reeling because of it. My bike (that i'd had for 8 years!) was stolen from my workplace one month ago. i seriously mourned; it's time to get a new (used) one. There are caterpillars everywhere, and you can smell fires at night sometimes now that it's colder.

Hopefully feeling inspired to enter a photography contest (small-scale, be assured), and my mom may have helped me get my rear in gear concerning a possible kids' book idea; just need some concept art to bring the words themselves into focus, because all i have right now is an image in my head. (Or maybe it doesn't even need words? a grown-up picture book, that's what it'll be.) Saw a perfect number 5 on the ground this morning– it was a green supermarket twist-tie that had been mangled and then stepped on, perfectly formed and flattened into the number of senses we all (if we're lucky) share. Half-a-block later there was an H, born out of fallen leaf-slivers and a twig.

It is hot right now at work, and slow. Tough to watch the flowers practically wilting right before your very eyes. Can't stop eating stone fruit (it will be gone all too soon), and putting off everything on my to-do lists. Feeling dreamy, lacking clarity. Will work for food, or company. Kind of want to hang out right here: